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waterfallWater quality is a topic of discussion in all parts of the world.  One of the best ways to improve water quality is through better systems of filtration.  The Earths natural hydrological cycle is the best way to obtain the fresh water required to sustain life on our planet.  Man made pollution interferes with the hydrological cycle and causes contaminants to enter our rivers and streams, as well as ground water supplies.

As addressed in the soil tab, reducing the waste entering landfills each year will greatly help with ground water contamination.  In addition, companies that use rivers and streams as a waste disposal stream should be required to employ the use of fluid separators before returning water to its source. 

In addition to the use of fluid separators for industry, home owners and residents of each community should be encouraged to use 'gray' water for non-potable applications and use only environmentally friendly fertilizers, pesticides and cleaning products.

For the exceptionally arid parts of the world, environmentally responsible water desalination techniques should be employed for drinking water and crop irrigation.  This project will be costly to undertake, but the development of crop lands in arid areas will contribute to the reduction of famine caused by drought.