CHANGING the world one car at a time
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Air quality  is of the utmost concern to the current generation. This is due mainly to the noticeable climate change connected to increased greenhouse gas emissions.  The climate change is not an unnatural or man made process, but the natural process has been greatly accelerated due to the industrialization of our planet.

How to solve a problem 101.

Can a problem be solved with another problem?  Our conclusion is that a problem requires a solutionNoun.
1. the act of solving a problem, question, etc.: The situation is approaching solution.
2. The state of being solved: a problem capable of solution.
3. A particular instance or method of solving; an explanation or answer.
to be solved.

The current approach is to shift the carbon emissions (as well as the blame) from one source to another in order to contend with arising problems.


Biodiesel - a solution or another problem?

Biodiesel, although a renewable source of energy also comes with a couple additional price tags.  One price tag is the carbon emissions are not addressed.  Although cleaner than their petroleum based counterparts, there are still greenhouse gas emissions.

Another additional price tag is the increased cost of food.  Food versus_fuel is a hot debate.  The total number of acres required to replace the fossil fuel reserve alone exceeds the number of acres available to farm on planet Earth.  Each acre put into production for fuel creates scarcity in the food supply chain, hence increased prices.

Hydrogen as a fuel source - Only ten years away!?

There is a reason for that statement, it was originally made in 1950.  Every ten years, or so, there is an article in one or more trade magazines claiming that new advances have made hydrogen, as a reliable fuel source, within reach.  Each article claims boldly, "A hydrogen based economy is only ten years distant."

By performing some basic research, it has been concluded that hydrogen is not a very cost effective solution to any energy shortage.  The advantage of hydrogen is also it biggest disadvantage.  It is the most common of all elements, mainly because all matter contains hydrogen.  Since hydrogen is the great reactor, it is also very difficult to remove from the other elements.  Since it is the smallest and lightest, it is very difficult to transport and contain. Those are basic physical obstacles that will be ever present even in a hydrogen based economy.

As for right now, to glean hydrogen the most cost effective way is from natural gas -that's right- a hydrocarbon.  When fueling a vehicle, starting from the hydrocarbon to the road, hydrogen is a mere seven percent efficient.

Time for a solution.

Our solution is an ingenious yet simple approach.

An immediate stop-gap measure to reduce carbon emissions attached to a long term replacement for fossil fuels.  In short, eliminate the tailpipe and the electric cord.  Self contained solar electric cars and solar homes should become the mode of the day.

Internal combustion engines can be converted to operate on vaporized gasoline

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Carburetor Video

The longterm solution to eradicating the tailpipe is to build a highly efficient mechanism for the generation of electricity.

Above: The original design that Tesla envisioned in the 1880's is still in use today.

The above computer model is an illustration of a new method of three-phase alternating current generation. Click here to open an interactive model viewer.

See the control and experiment on the earlier prototype in the video below.

Alternator Video

Alternator Video (Short)

By using this technology it is possible to permanently eliminate the tailpipe and coal stack without any lifestyle changes required by the ultimate energy consumer, thereby making a positive impact on air quality worldwide.